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Welding Department

Complete Welding and Fabricating Facilities



Lincoln Submerged Arc Welder

Microscopic Welding in Clean-Room Environment

Miller Synchrowave TIG Welders: 300 amp. Quantity 3

Lincoln Square Wave TIG Welder: 100 amp.

Hobart Cyber Wave TIG Welder: 300 amp.

CP-300 Miller MIG Welders: Quantity 2

CP-200 Miller MIG Welders: Quantity 3

Miller Wire Welder: 450 amp.

TEC VSI MIG Welder: 450 L.

Iron Worker: 30 tons

Iron Worker: 65 tons

Thermal Pak 5 Plasma Cutter

Bigo Straight-Line Burner: Quantity 2

Weld Positioners: 250 to 8000 pounds. Quantity 7

Peerless Automatic Band Saw

Do-All Contour Saw

Marvel Miter Saw

Kalamazoo 12 Cold Saw

Model 8 Marvel Saw

Ultrasound Machine: (for testing material thickness)

Die Penetrant and Mag Particle Testing

Vibratory Stress Reliever

Hydrotesting Unit (for Pressure Vessels)


The Mixer Company designs and remanufactures mixing equipment and develops process solutions to improve plant performance and reduce energy and maintenance costs.  In fact, we provide lower total cost over the life of our equipment.  

Your lower costs are coupled with superior performing equipment, unmatched reliability, and increased quality.

We can help keep you at peak efficiency with a complete process evaluation to address mechanical problems and develop solutions to minimize downtime and improve your process.


"Keeping The Process World In Balance"