Jaygo Mixer

We buy & sell Jaygo Mixers and Process Machinery as well as fabricate hard to fix or find parts.
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Jaygo Mixer

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Jaygo Mixer - High Speed Dough Mixer

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Jaygo Mixer Jaygo Mixer Jaygo Mixer Jaygo Mixer Jaygo Mixer

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Process Machinery Repair

Mixer Works: Repairs all Jaygo process equipment. From, High Speed Dough Mixers, Auto feeders, conical screw mixers, mixtruders, double arm sigma mixer, batch mills, paddle mixers/blenders and more! This is why we are the process industry leader when it comes to repair. We have been fixing machines built since the 1930's and are the only company you can trust with your expensive hardware.

  • Sigma Blade Mixers
  • Mixtruders
  • High Speed Dough Mixers
  • Agitated Filtration and Drying Systems
  • Altern-Mill - Batch Mills
  • Plough and Turbulent Paddle Blenders & Dryers
  • Conical Screw Mixer
  • Pressure Vessel Clamps
  • Sampling Valves
  • Vee/Double Cone Blenders & Dryers
  • Multi-Shaft Mixers
  • Double Planetary Mixers
  • Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers

Fabrication and Replacement

If you have a machine part that needs to be replaced, chances are that we have it. If we dont have it or you can't find it, our skilled machinists can fabricate the part for you. Over the years we have fabricated thousands of hard to find replacement parts. We have had machines from companies that were built over 70 years ago come into our shop in need of a part that literally does not exist anymore. We have successfully fabricated parts for them and brought the machine back to life literally as good as new.

Jaygo Mixer - Paddle Mixer

Fabrication Specialists

What Parts Can we fabricate or replace? We replace any part and can fabricate any part that is hard to find or out of production. Our machinists are masters in their craft and our engineers are unparallelled. We can reverse engineer any part to the exact OEM specs.

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