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Keeping the Process World in Balance Since 1939


We have derived from centuries of wisdom and knowledge in the process arena. We were officially established in 1939, our founder Frank Marco an engineer of Polish and Jewish heritage, came to America in 1924 from Poland and arrived to Ellis Island, it was then when he envisioned the very being of what Mixer Works is today; as an engineer working for Baker Perkins for 10 years, designing and refurbishing mixers; he then took a step of faith and went on his own, when people thought it was impossible to start up any type of business; he did. In-fact, he helped employ people, and help articulate and structure others dreams and supporting families and securing jobs during one of the worst times in our history.

Today we boast 2 locations fully dedicated to the mixer repair world; we have over 200 years of combined experience, shop capabilities like no other, and patented technology that the OEM’s depend on utilizing from us.


Mixer Works designs and remanufactures mixing equipment and develops process solutions to improve plant performance and reduce energy and maintenance costs.  In fact, we provide lower total cost over the life of our equipment.  

Your lower costs are coupled with superior performing equipment, unmatched reliability, and increased quality.

We can help keep you at peak efficiency with a complete process evaluation to address mechanical problems and develop solutions to minimize downtime and improve your process.


Our Founder

Frank Marco

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"Keeping The Process World In Balance"