Sigma Mixer Experts

From the start of your job to final delivery we become part of your team and family.

We sympathize with your weaknesses under downtime and understand the value of your production. We are there for you every step of the way. We will provide you with the best service for your Sigma Mixer, Blender, Extruder, Mixtruder or Centrifuge.

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Sigma Mixer, Double Arm Mixer, Zblade Mixer
Experience and Longevity

Since 1939 the process industries have chosen the Mixer Works to service and engineer their mixing needs. We specialize in the complete rebuilding and overhauling of industrial sigma mixers of all makes and sizes.

We repair and rebuild complete sigma blade mixer shafts.

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Sigma Mixer, Double Arm Mixer, Zblade Mixer
Quality Assurance

With our state of the art inspection technology, we can easily assess the condition of your sigma mixer and provide you with a detailed written report.

Upon approval of rebuild we can easily turn around your sigma mixer and completely restore it to OEM specifications.

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Professional Sigma Mixer & Blender Repair

The Mixer Company Rebuilds and remanufactures sigma mixers, zblade mixers, double arm mixers, and blending equipment. We develop process solutions to improve plant performance that eliminate downtime and reduce energy and maintenance costs. In fact, we provide lower total cost over the life of your equipment while increasing the integrity of the mixer beyond O.E.M. code.

  Your lower costs are coupled with superior performing equipment, unmatched reliability, and increased quality. We can help keep you at peak efficiency with a complete process evaluation to address mechanical problems and develop solutions to minimize downtime and improve your process. Call us to see how we can provide you with greater efficiency and savings. 1-800-208-6137
Text us Now at 773-617-0937

The Mixer Company Services and Brands:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service & Repair.
  • Baker Perkins | AMK | Readco
  • Buy & Sell Mixers and Blenders.
  • Jaygo | Aoustin | Linden Bramley
  • We Offer Maintenance.
  • Littleford Day Werner & Pfleiderer
  • We Service all Major Brands
  • Winkworth | Fritz Meili | Moriyama
  • Extremely Fast Turnarounds
  • Paul O. Abbe Guittard
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Check out our videos

Our video page shows many examples of how we have successfully repaired sigma blade mixer shafts, z blades and more.

Our Video Page: Click Here

"Sigma Mixer and Blender Repair Specialists"